Ac·u·men: The ability to make good judgments and quick decisions

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We started as a boutique firm in 2012 and have grown responsibly to now handle files throughout California. Our experienced team of Attorneys and Legal Professionals focuses on handling small caseloads to ensure individualized and efficient claims handling.

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75% of all settlements are C&Rs


Our dedicated team of Attorneys and Legal Specialists are available to help move claims towards quick and cost-effective resolutions. 

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Why Choose Us?

Our industry low case load allows us to ensure individual attention to each claim and provide proactive legal handling.

Our diverse team has decades of experience to provide you the best legal defense out there. We specialize in Fraud, 132a Petitions, and Subrogation Cases.

Our knowledgeable Attorneys and Staff have a long track record of successful fraud convictions and carefully maneuver the case to ensure we have evidence that will lead to a win! 

Acumen focuses on data to ensure we continuously improve and exceed industry expectations.

Our firm strives to utilize and develop the most cutting edge technology to ensure efficient case handling and to cut costs to our clients.

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